Our BussinessPackage

OUR #BUSINESSPACKAGE[VALID July 2017 – December 2018]


Theo Philus | +6287859542404 | theomusic2014@gmail.com

Abednego Kwee | +6281901111770 | ragnold@gmail.com | toko.dimana@gmail.com

#Wedding Ceremony Package

1. Instrumental Piano

2. Instrumental Violin

3. One Musician and One Singers

4. One Musician and Two Singers

5. One Musician and Three Singers

6. One Musician and Four Singers

Note : For this package have an extra charge rental Keyboard & Violin. If there is available in the wedding venue, then its free of charge.

#Simple Package Event.

1. Solo Accoustic

2. Instrumental Violin

3. Accoustic Duet

4. Accoustic Trio

5. Accoustic Quartet

#Full Package Event.

1. Mini Band Accoustic

2. Full Band Accoustic

3. Mini Orchestra

4. Accapella

#Simple Regular Package.

1. Solo Accoustic.

2. Accoustic Duet

3. Electone with Singer

4. Trio Accoustic

5. Electone vs Accoustic

6. Violin vs Accoustic

7. Full Mini Band

Note : For this package have an extra charge rental Keyboard & Violin.


All the Musician and Singers are THEO MUSIC ENTERTAINMENT copyright. We have the right to make a documentation both photos and videos during the performance.

Email us theomusic2014@gmail.com or ragnold@gmail.com or toko.dimana@gmail.com for request the Package

We replied you with Business Package and Term & Condition.

Print the letter and put signature as agreement.

Transfer the value of agreement. Booked a schedule.


Who ??? Theo Music Entertainment

Theo Music Entertainment is a New Music Brand that provide the Music Entertainment for Wedding or any other Event Party such as Wedding Ceremony, Wedding Party, Birthday Party and any other Event Party and we do it domesticly and internationally. 

THEO MUSIC ENTERTAINMENT | started since 2014.

We love to have and to help people in their special journey of life, to entertain and make their special day become a day to remember that will last forever. Our Company is build since 2014 and well developed until today. Our first journey began with a small member of 3 people with a very good talent, and we started to grow until now with a member of 10 or more. Slowly but sure and being developed through social media accounts. You can check it Facebook TME , Instagram TMEYoutube TME to see our profile, photos and videos, followers and interactions.

As a Music Partner, we would like to engaged a relationship with any kind of Restaurant Bussiness, Wedding Vendors, Hotels, Cafe, Wedding Organizer, Coffeshop, Warung, SPA, Villas, Resort, beachclub, etc.

We are as an Entertainer can be an effective partner to make a good music entertainment in any special occasion and to make all the client satisfied, cover all the music entertainment during the live events.

Great moment is when the music start to play, and people start to feel it. Everything that happen in our life… there is music in it.

Kindly check our Istagram account or Facebook Page [ Here ] to read our profile. 

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